A Look at Racial Criminality in Texarkana USA

Updated: October 2, 2023

Here I deal with reported criminality among the races and the observed proportional racial disparity. Criminal behavior and racial disparities of course exist for a variety of reasons.   

The challenge is to discover negative causes and rid oneself, one’s family, culture, environment, community, city, county, state, and nation of such negative causes. Certainly, we recognize that there will be some measure of unlawful violence in every community. Yet, we ought to at least give heightened attention to significantly reducing such violence!

The purpose here is not to present the cause(s), effect(s) or solution(s) to the matter at hand but rather to present the data that hopefully would provoke the compassionate love and good works to at least reduce such racial negativity/disparity.

First let us be mindful that in general statistics are not meant to be exact. Statistics provide us with an idea of what is probably going on. Statistics let us know what we should celebrate but statistics also lets us know what needs strong attention.

Yet, the criminal statistics presented here today ought to be exact at the local, state, and federal level. There is absolutely no valid reason they should not be exact given modern technology.

The best known sources of relevant data are the Census Bureau and the FBI. Ideally, the data would be timely made available on local government websites where there should be greater assurance of the timeliness and accuracy of the data. That is the goal. Therefore, if anyone knows of local sources for timely detailed data for the Texarkana USA, please let me know.

Here I provide data from the Census Bureau Quick Facts and the FBI Crime Data Explorer (CDE) websites.

The Census Bureau provides various datasets. The Quick Facts dataset includes a summary of city data. Summaries of Texarkana Arkansas and Texarkana Texas will be considered for population purposes.

The CDE provides National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) data collected from various law enforcement agencies at the Federal, state, and local levels. Not all law enforcement agencies provide the data since it is not mandatory. As the years go by more and more of them are submitting the data.

FBI notes that the CDE numbers represent the number of incidents not necessarily the number of distinct persons since the same person may commit the same crime more than once in the timeframe represented. The same person may be arrested for the same crime or category of crime more than once in the period reported.

The FBI CDE periodically updates the data as the reporting agencies and the FBI fine tunes the data and the NIBRS. So the above link may reflect figures different than the data at the time this report was prepared.

The CDE data presented in this report is based on the website data dated January 14, 2023, as updated September 26, 2023.

If FBI has not changed it Crime Data Explorer (CDE) website link again, the site may be found here.

Details including discrepancy between local, state, and FBI NIBRS arrest data are provided below. However, a data extract summary report is provided here.

Census Data

Texarkana USA Census Quick Facts for 2021 as of November 21, 2022 – In this data, the racial population percentages are of primary interest. Those races/ethnicities not listed are less than 4% and you can see them by clicking on the link above.

Txk Ark58.6%35.1%4.6%
Txk Tx51.8%39.8%7.9%
Texarkana USA Racial Population reported by Census Bureau Quick Facts for 2021 as of November 21, 2022

FBI CDE NIBRS Offenders vs. Victim by Demographics (Race) Data. This data is accessible from the CDE Crimea selection on the left of the page at the time of this writing.

Texarkana Arkansas All Violent Crime

Texarkana Arkansas Homicide

Texarkana Arkansas Aggravated Assault

Texarkana Arkansas Arrests

The below data is accessible from the CDE Arrest selection on the left of the page at the time of this writing.

Unfortunately, arrest data at the national, state, and local levels are not in sync perhaps due to the lag in processing time. For example for Texarkana, Arkansas NIBRS Arrests for 2021 the total by race is 2196 but the total at the Arkansas State level is 1361 per the report identified below. So which is right if either. Nevertheless, the racial proportionality as reported is worthy of examining.

The below data is accessible from the CDE Arrest selection on the left of the page at the time of this writing.

Texarkana Texas seems to just started submitting NIBRS data in 2021 so no past 5 year data is available for all violent crime, homicides, and aggravated assaults. They did however submit some arrest data for the past 5 years and so it is included later.

Texarkana Texas All Violent Crime

Texarkana Texas Homicide

Texarkana Texas Aggravated Assault

Texarkana Texas Arrests

State of Arkansas Crime Information Center (ACIC) Data

ACIC Arrests Data:

2021 Arrest %46.9%52.8%
2021 Census %58.6%35.1%

ACIC report says there were 4 murders in 2021 in Texarkana Arkansas all committed by blacks (3 males and 1 female). A breakdown for 2021 major crime against persons categories is provided in a spreadsheet form here. The 2020 report says there was 3 murders (3 black males) and 1 negligent manslaughter (1 white male). The 2019 report says there were 3 murders (2 black males and 1 white female).

Let’s consider the State of Arkansas Crime summary of the data for 2021 at the links below for agency and state level for all arrests and for drug offenses:

Government Law Law Enforcement Procedures

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