Community Outreach, Development and Engagement (CODE) Initiative

Chaurcey Boyd’s Community Outreach, Development and Engagement (CODE) initiative is a scaled down version of the Texarkana Area Christian Leadership Conference (TACLC) initiative of 2017.

I founded TACLC while still running my computer and insurance businesses. Having spent most of my adult life in the military and post military retirement in running computer software engineering and life/health insurance businesses without involvement in community development, I had much to learn about community development and engagement. I found that the learning curve and complexities of the religious, political, racial, and socio-economic realities and running businesses to require more time and energy than I had. Therefore, TACLC did not go as I had hoped. Desire was simply not enough.

Though I am still learning, now that I am mostly retired, I have decided to do my little part in the hope of positively impacting the community need at least a little bit in the form of CODE.

In brief, CODE aims to non-violently and respectfully yet boldly call to righteous action and accountability all persons and organizations with fair and reasonable consideration given to every religion, race, gender, and political party so as to reach for equitable quality of life for all. CODE aims to operate in a way that recognizes and honors persons and organizations already engaged in such activities in a positive and productive manner.

Funding for CODE is primarily provided by Chaurcey Boyd as an ordained Christian Minister and through his businesses. Therefore, donations are rarely required. If the need arises tax-deductible donations may be solicited through a sponsoring tax-exempt entity. Of course, non-tax-deductible contributions may be made to Chaurcey through my website at any time if one finds my efforts to be worth honoring financially.

Anyone desiring to join this effort may do so by contacting me via my website at the link below.

Chaurcey D. Boyd, Founder/CEO

Reference: TACLC