Name: Texarkana Area Christian Leadership Conference (TACLC). The name is chosen to point to and honor the great work done by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (a Baptist Preacher) and the Southern Christian Leadership Council (SCLC). A work during the 1950s and 1960s from which the TACLC founder benefited greatly having been born in mid 1950 and entered adulthood in mid 1970. Therefore, the TACLC founder, also a Baptist preacher, offers his part, however little or much, in the continuation of that movement toward that more perfect union the founders of this great nation envisioned, even given their faults and imperfections and lapse in faith regarding matters of racial equality and equity. The TACLC founder recognizes and honors the founders for the wise foundational framework they laid from which progress could spring. Much progress has been made; yet much progress remain to made.

Introduction: TACLC is dedicated to engaging the community so as to honor God in all aspects of society and to improve quality of life for all citizens. TACLC involves the application of spiritual truths and acceptable moral community norms so as to reach for equitable quality of life. Envisioned constituents include the Texarkana Area Christian Leadership Center and the Texarkana Area Christian Leadership Council.

Purpose Overview: Provide a framework and forum and information center for communicating and coordinating successes, concerns, recommendations, and actions in regards to core values in collaboration with autonomous partners individuals, organization, task forces, and coalitions in meetings and/or associations using formal and/or informal autonomous connections.

Vision: To realize and promote inter-religion/spiritual/faith, interdenominational, interracial, inter-political communication, cooperation, collaboration, effectiveness, and non-violent impetus regarding critical/core value-based life/cultural issues so as to reach for equitable quality of life for all.

Mission: Through a series of non-violent transparent interdenominational interracial inter-political initiatives, provide and acquire highly visible integrated problem-solution oriented collaboration, networking, sharing of information, and similar activities regarding critical/core value-based life/cultural issues.

Core Value-Based Life/Cultural Issues: Core values provide guiding principles for belief and action regarding right and wrong. Core value-based life/family/cultural issues are moral, legal, racial, sexual/gender, education, housing, homelessness, poverty, social, economic, criminal, and political justice and equity with historical and interdependence considerations, and other community quality of life matters, and as otherwise identified.

Meetings/Communication Mediums: Employ forums, conferences, email, websites, FaceBook, Zoom, and similar technologies. Physical locations as announced and appropriate.

Executive Office for General Management and Accountability: Chaurcey Boyd, TACLC founder and visionary, provides general management and accountability although participant individuals and organizations provide for their own management and accountability.

Affiliate Membership/Association: Membership/Association is of the informal type and is not a separately registered non-profit or for-profit. Partners operate autonomously as either formal or informal affiliates. Formal affiliate is required to be listed as such to serve on committees. Formal affiliation is not required to participate in meetings/conferences and otherwise partner with TACLC. Informal affiliation may be all that is required; however, the structure with associated formal committees capability is provided for in case it is needed to achieve TACLC vision, mission, and objectives.

Funding: Participating individuals and organizations self-funds their work as part of and in support of TACLC. Participating individuals and organizations may independently cite their participation and/or sponsorship of TACLC in their advertisements and other media and platforms. However, they are not to independently collect funds on behalf of TACLC or otherwise using TACLC name and/or other TACLC branding.

Committees: As Identified/Needed!

Example Potential Participators:

  • Local Citizens With Questions/Concerns/Etc.
  • Local Religious Leaders
  • Local Political Leaders
  • Local City/County Officials (Boards/Councils/Law Enforcement, etc.)
  • Local Education Officials
  • Other Community Officials/Leaders

Costs: Membership Cost: None; Meetings/Conferences Cost: No charge unless otherwise announced

Dress: Business casual or as appropriately desired

Typical Meeting Format

  • Opening
  • Invocation
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Welcome
  • Purpose
  • Executive Office Report
  • Topic/Committee Report
  • New Topic/Committee Formation
  • Questions and Comments
  • Announcements
  • Closing Remarks & Adjournment

When: As Announced

Where: Primary Hosting Organization Or As Otherwise Announced

No Blame Gathering: We do not gather to point blame fingers. We gather to encourage more awareness and diligent resolution of the perception or actuality of problems in community, city, state, and nation. Remember those on the mountain may not hear the concerned talk in the valley and those in the valley may feel those on the mountain are not listening and do not care, and vice versa. It is up to those on the mountain and those in the valley to peacefully and compassionately reach down and up to one another in the human struggle to live a godly/morally loving dignified life. Be mindful mountains and valleys are relative and contextual. We do not claim one group consists of better persons than another; we seek righteous equity and justice for all. Let us all with godly/righteous humility grow in grace, understanding, and appreciation for one another regardless of role, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, political affiliation, education, and socio-economic status, etc. Let us all have the courage and conviction to carry out our societal role in a godly/righteous spirit of care, concern, and compassion regardless of the perceived or actual power or lack thereof we possess relative to one another.

All Truth Must Rise!
Pressing Forward and Upward with Love, Truth, and Unity!
Standing For Right and Against Wrong No Matter What Color or Gender It Is!
Let Us Not Be So Thinned Skinned!
Let Us Choose the Better Way Not Just a Way!
No Silence and No Violence But Action!
Let Us Not Be the Evil We Despise in Others!

Point of Contact:

Chaurcey D. Boyd