TACLC Projects Racial Components

A number of these projects deal with racial disparities; in particular with respect to black and white lives due to a variety of factors. However, solutions for the reduction/elimination of racial disparity will benefit people of all races (black, white, other); indeed, all lives matter.

For example, by my calculations for Texarkana, USA the 2016 median (average) poverty rate for whites and blacks was 13.35% and 39.95% respectively showing black poverty rate approaches three times that of whites. Certainly, I am concerned with and hope to contribute to resolution of the poverty gap between whites and blacks. Yet, the 13.35% whites lives matter to me. So I reject the cancel culture that says I should only use the black lives matter phraseology and not when applicable for clarity use other lives matter phraseology such as all lives matter, white lives matter, and blue live matter. If that means I don’t get your support then I will do without your support and if need be I will stand alone with my Creator God who is no respecter of persons; just that simple. I will try my best to not be the evil I despise in others.

One might make the mistake of concluding that most blacks and most whites are doing well given that 86.65% of whites and 60.05% of blacks are above the government specified poverty level. The problem with that conclusion is that the government poverty threshold is minimal at best and does not reflect a desired level of quality life for most.

The poverty threshold is largely a getting by amount. Those at lower levels above the threshold may not be able to for example sufficiently invest in their children’s future like those further up the chain. So then an inequality or disparity begins to emerge not only with respect to poverty but also with respect to capacity above poverty.

Also, these statistics show that there is a large gap between blacks and white such that blacks relative to whites are not doing very well proportionately.

Focused efforts to discover and resolve the real causes and short-term/long-term effect of poverty disparity would implement solution elements available to all racial groups and therefore reduce the poverty rate for all as the goal is improved quality of life for all regardless of race and gender, etc.

The reference listed for the Racial Disproportionate Poverty Reconciliation project provides insight into this perspective.