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Texarkana USA Law Enforcement Policies & Procedures

Issue: There exists much distrust within the minority community as to whether law enforcement leadership nationwide are adequately employing, training, and discipling law enforcement employees in properly interacting with personnel in the community especially minority personnel. The concern arises from observed senseless and unjustified injury and in some cases senseless and unjustified death of citizens to include innocent citizens. The concern also arises from observed failure of law enforcement to timely and adequately respond to senseless and unjustified injury and in some cases senseless and unjustified death of citizens to include innocent citizens by other citizens.

Part of the purpose of this website is to make centrally transparently publicly readily and easily available local law enforcement policies and procedures and data with respect to Equitable Justice in Policing and associated issues.  Right now people have to wade through and search far too many sites and levels to ascertain such information about the multitude of law enforcement agencies/departments in the Texarkana Area.

Below is a list of selected documents from the identified City. Texarkana Texas Documents were identified through a search of the city website in May 2020.  Additional documents are available at the city website.  Need to make check with the Police Department to make sure the latest has been uploaded to their site. Corresponding information concerning Bowie County, Texarkana, Arkansas and Miller County has not been identified yet.

The City Website Column should have the latest document. The Downloaded column is included since organizations tend to reorganize websites and change links; therefore in case the City Website link is broken the downloaded version is available for information purposes.   Additionally, the downloaded version provides a historical comparison. Provided means not taken from web but provided by organization.

Texarkana, Texas General Documents

Biased Based Policing and Racial Profiling

Individual Rights

Miranda Warning

Use of Force Training and Proficiency for Less Than Lethal Weapons

Use of Deadly Force Training

Authorization of Deadly Force

Removal from Line of Duty After Use of Deadly Force

Deadly Force and Post-Shooting Review Panel

Authorization to Use Response to Resistance or Aggression

Response to Resistance or Aggression Documentation and Review

Medical Aid After a Response to Resistance or Aggression

Managing Incidents Involving Mentally Ill Persons

Body Worn Cameras

Digital Mobile Video/Audio Recording Equipment

Bowie County, Texas General Documents

Bowie County General Orders Manual


Data Reports

Bowie County: Annual Race Profiling Report To State of Texas For 2019 Submitted March 2020


US House of Representatives Justice in Policing Act of 2020

21st Century Policing Toolkit

Article on Killing of Blacks by Law Enforcement in 2020

Police Magazine

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