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Below are links to reports generated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) website that provides information about minimum needed income based on expected expenses for the Texarkana area. The below reports show data for 1 Adult and 2 Adults (One Working). The tool does provide data for 2 Adults (Both Working) but the report PDF generation process cut that data off. The data however is accessible through the tool. Link to the MIT website tool is provided later in this document.

One should be mindful that people needs and circumstances vary so the numbers are estimates of the average person’s income/expense needs.

The MIT tool does not generate data for Texarkana Arkansas specifically but does for Texarkana Texas; however, the Texarkana Arkansas figures should approximate Texarkana Texas. The MIT tool does generate data for Miller County as well as Bowie County.

Link to a US Census Quick Facts data for Texarkana USA are also provided. With respect to living wage data one should note the Income & Poverty section which lists the median income per household and per capita income. Median is the middle income point which means half the households have income less than and half have income more than the given amount. Per capita income basically means the average per person income.

This information is provided to help one ascertain what ones fair share income/expense ratio should be relative to others in the community to meet his/her living wage needs.

Living Wage Data for Texarkana Texas as of August 9, 2023

Living Wage Data for Miller County, Arkansas as of August 9, 2023

Living Wage Data for Bowie County, Texas as of August 9, 2023

US Census Quick Facts for Texarkana USA for Year 2022 as of August 9, 2023

MIT Living Wage Data Calculator – More detailed information is available at the MIT site as this document only captures a part of what the tool produces.

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