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A Note on Systemic Partiality Assessment for Texarkana USA

A question being asked and has been asked for a long time across the nation is whether improper systemic partiality exists with respect to race and gender and what should be done about it.

The same question should be asked … Read the rest “A Note on Systemic Partiality Assessment for Texarkana USA”

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Texarkana Arkansas School District Report Card

**Updated February 2020

I am educated but not an educator. The measurement standards and methods used with respect to the education needs of our children, regardless of race and socio-economic status, seem to be in a state of confusion and/or … Read the rest “Texarkana Arkansas School District Report Card”

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Texarkana USA Courthouse Square Connections Project and the Civil War (AKA Confederate, Mothers, Mother and Son) Monument, Etc.

The Texarkana Gazette on August 23, 2020 published an article about the Texarkana Courthouse Square Connections Project that is expected to cost $950,000 Plus. The project is basically to pretty up the area around the Federal Courthouse and Post Office … Read the rest “Texarkana USA Courthouse Square Connections Project and the Civil War (AKA Confederate, Mothers, Mother and Son) Monument, Etc.”

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Texarkana USA Law Enforcement Policies & Procedures

Issue: There exists much distrust within the minority community as to whether law enforcement leadership nationwide are adequately employing, training, and discipling law enforcement employees in properly interacting with personnel in the community especially minority personnel. The concern arises from … Read the rest “Texarkana USA Law Enforcement Policies & Procedures”


Affordable Housing in Texarkana, Arkansas

On May 13, 2020 the Texarkana Gazette published an article entitled “Housing division going up on Arkansas side”. The article is about a new Arkansas housing subdivision at 2201 Arkansas Blvd that will contain about 20 homes whose price range … Read the rest “Affordable Housing in Texarkana, Arkansas”

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State of Texarkana Minority Business

Based on US Census information released for 2012 population data and 2012 business data, the following observations are made. Non-Black minorities reportedly comprise < 5% of the population for 2012 . Therefore, since aforementioned Census Business Data lumps all … Read the rest “State of Texarkana Minority Business”